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100% asbestos-free, green and environmental ,safety and health


When the load is greater than 250kg/M2,Bishen wall panel can be used to any arbitrary partition that won't affect the structure of the building.
Volume weight about 600kg-850kg, weight of call can reduce 80%or more, can be used to any arbitrary partition that won't affect the structure of the building.
With flat and smooth surface, which do not require plastering, further reduces its weight.

3、Increase usable area

Using 75mm Bishen wall panel can satisfy the function that 120mm brick used to be.
85mm thinner than 120mm brick with both side plastering.
Every 12 meter of extended wall, Bishen wall panel increase its usable area by 1m2

4、civilized,convenient and efficient installation

No plastering is required, and dry operation, hence it less building rubbish and depletion.
Follow construction is unaffected by weather like plum rain and damp after the panels installation.The wall will keep dry all the time.

Non-super-high engineering, a panel-installing worker can install more than 30 m2 Bishen wall panel per day.

Compare with traditional bricks, the weight of panel is only its 20%,and the volume is 1/2, which can reduce transportation cost.

5、Wholeness and aseismic

Joining panels by using tongue and groove has strengthen the structure between the panel and its connected beams and columns.
Using of polythene, cement which encasing the polythene inside like honeycomb, which break down the forces of hit and impact.
Applicable to extended on height and width but with minimum thickness.

6、Strong hanging

Spiked, drilled, install setscrew at any point.
Single point hanging force of 80kg.

7、Water-proof and Humidity-proof

No water proof paint is required.
By using the panel to form a pool, the pool able to hold the water inside without leaking,and the back side of the panel are still dry.
Even in wet and humidity weather, the panel are still no globule appear.

8、Fire proof

 More than 100mm thickness of wall panel, with 1000°C of fire burning for 240min, no damage is occurred,belong to the non-combustible material.
75mm thickness Bishen wall panel, with 1000°C of fire burning of 180min
150&200mm external walls of self-insulation panels have pass the fire test organized by Intertek (north American test organization),test standard is ASTM E119-07a

9、Sound insulation

Effectively absorb the high and low sound with different density materials.
The sound insulation of 75mm thick Bishen wall panel is 46db,of more than 100mm thickness of wall panel is over 50db.
Soundproofed wall panels up to the sound insulation requirements of the library. Applicable to KTV, hotel, museum, library etc engineering which has special requirements for sound insulation.

10、Heat insulation

200mm external walls of self-insulation,through the forst resitance test under minus 38 degrees Celsius by Intertek (nroth American test organization).
Through the testing of forst resitance by National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials.
Thermal conductivity less than 2 w/m2.k.

11、Professional custom with technology

According to customer's requirement of fire proof, sound insulation, heat insulation and installation, provide customized wall panel.

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